The Terminal Bar

“The Terminal Bar was one of these places that no one in their right mind should ever enter. Located right across the street from the Port Authority Bus Terminal and right next to the creepy Terminal Motel, the Terminal Bar was a hot bed of low-end criminal activity. Only the real dregs drank here and a glass of draft beer was only 15 cents. You had junkies, chain snatchers, pickpockets, and the ugliest $5 hookers in America, who would take you next door to the Terminal Hotel where you would get robbed.”Pete Chiarella a.k.a. 42nd Street Pete

Featured in Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, and also the setting of the first novel to address the AIDS epidemic, the Terminal Bar is now the subject of a book and a documentary film based on the photographs of Sheldon Nadelman, who worked as a bartender there from 1972 until 1982, when the place closed.

The full playlist from Tourist Pictures, with numerous other short about the Terminal Bar, is here.

The Terminal Bar in 1975, as seen in Taxi Driver.

40th Street and 8th Avenue where the Terminal Bar once stood is now the headquarters of the New York Times — apparently the area is a magnet for liars and scumbags.

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